62' Storm Interceptor


The Storm is a family of multi-role, high-speed vessels designed and built specifically for patrol, interception, boarding, and combat. This family of monohull vessels comes in four sizes; 13 meters, 15 meters, 17 meters, and 19 meters. The operational profile of each vessel remains the same while the varying sizes offer options in payload, type of armament, and propulsion systems. The Storm is the culmination of thousands of hours of tactical experience, research, and training. The features of this high speed vessel present the perfect platform for interception and boarding in a hostile marine environment. Fully capable of being fitted with modern weapons systems, the Storm is the finest example of a twenty-first century combat boat.


LOA 19 meters (62')

Beam 4.5 meters

Reverse Chine Monohull


Bow ramp/boarding door to crew/cargo compartment

Transom mount leaning bolster to eliminate deck cradle

Shear protection - specially designed collar for boarding & impact mitigation


Aft leaning walk around wheelhouse

Ballistic glass

Armor panels to meet requirements


Shock mitigating helm seats

Multi-purpose crew/cargo compartment

Electrical Systems

12/24VDC system

Shore power package

Diesel generator package

Power & Propulsion

Twin & triple diesel engines

Twin & triple water jets or surface drives

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