Build the Best Boats on the Water

That was the goal when we started our company, and that is the same goal US Workboats seeks today. US Workboats makes a commitment to each customer to exceed his or her expectations in service and product. Customer satisfaction stands as US Workboats's number one quality objective. With these values infused throughout the company, US Workboats anticipates a future of continued excellence and leadership in the marine world.

Quality Workmanship

US Workboats designs and builds welded aluminum boats and barges. High performance designs and quality workmanship define the US Workboats brand that was developed in the Pacific Northwest of the United States more than two decades ago. US Workboats vessels can now be found in service around the world, meeting the demands of the commercial marine industry and private clients.

US Workboats Worldwide

The aluminum boat market is rapidly expanding. Mariners across the globe recognize the superiority of aluminum due to its weight, strength, and availability. US Workboats develops products to meet the demands of the marine industry around the world. Requirements change from location to location, and US Workboats offers flexible solutions : turn-key vessels, boat plans & cut files, components prepared for assembly, assembly on location.

Strength & Durability

High impact marine-grade alloy aluminum stronger and lighter than conventional fiberglass boats.

Unique Construction

"Suspended Framing" construction eliminates metal fatigue and the inevitable cracking that follows.

Welding Excellence

US Workboats boats are constructed with precise attention to detail by certified welders and craftsmen.

Shipping Experts

Domestic and international shipping experts. Fast freight and overnight service available on all purchases.

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About US Workboats

At US Workboats, we focus on building strong, durable marine-grade aluminum boats that are strong enough to withstand your industry. US Workboats are constructed with precise attention to detail by certified welders and craftsmen to achieve an end result that surpasses all other aluminum boats.