24' Outboard Shallow Water Survey Boat


US Workboats has partnered with Ross Laboratories to provide a “turnkey” shallow water survey system. The system utilizes six transducers: two hull mounted and two on each of the 10 foot cabin side integrated arms. Yielding a 25 foot swath of survey data collection capability, the arms are deployed hydraulically from controls mounted at the helm station. The catamaran hull includes integrated side pockets to house the sweep arms and allows the boat to be trailered. The combined stability and maneuverability of the catamaran hull allows for easy navigation in shallow waterways and rivers and maintains a dependably comfortable ride in rough water conditions.


Significantly reduces bathymetric survey time for habitat or resource studies in shallow areas while collecting multiple channel data

Collection Depth

1 foot from the face of the transducer

Survey Speed

6 to 8 knots with arms deployed & 25 knots using hull transducers for recon work


200kHz 10 degree beam transducers

Data Collection Rate

12 sets of soundings per second on 25 foot range

Power Requirements

12 Volts DC (No Supplemental Power)

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